Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First time for everything

Who would have thunk it, me blogging? I guess this just proves there is a first time for everything. This week, I am ranting about sickness. I have had a cold bug all week with lots of meds and doctor trips. I really dont like the meds...they wire me up and I cant sleep so what do I do, work around the house. I guess its ok because the laundry is done, the vacuuming, the mopping, the dishes, the dinner but YUCK!! Who likes to do that stuff? Not me. I want to crochet and I have been doing that too. I shipped out 4 orders yesterday that I had finished over the weekend. One was a wholesale order, yep 30 plus hats and 14 appliques. I am venturing into all sorts of things. I even started a webpage. www.debutantdesigns.com Go by and check it out, I would love your opinion on it. Yea, you if anyone is reading this hehehe I may just be ranting for myself. I am gonna go for now...Crochet is calling me. I need some physical therapy for my Multiple Sclerosis and some me time. No teenagers bothering me, yea like that ever happens! Have a great day!

Love & Best Stitches

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