Monday, August 20, 2012

Lapse in Life!!

Started back in February and this is the next post.  WOW!!  I am a blog slacker!  I title this blog entry Lapse in Life because life has been making me lapse on everything.  Life and a stupid thing called Multiple Sclerosis.  Since the last post, I have been sick, on three trips, tempted two craft shows and have had the kids crap to deal with! My world is often so hectic!  

The trips were wonderful Texas, Tennessee and Texas again.  I have to say I LOOOOOVVVEEEE Tennessee!  I told my hubby I really want to move there one day.  Hopefully, after my youngest graduates from high school in two years, he will feel the same. The two craft shows were really sort of horrible.  The first one I didnt even make my entry fee back and the second one, I think I made about $80 bucks.  There is another one coming up in November that I will do.  Last year I did pretty well at it!  The kids have their own issues between college, technical school and high school.  Add in the girlfriend of my 20 year old and my 21 year old thinking she knows everything and is ALWAYS right in her opinion; there is always some bickering and such going on. Drives me insane!

The youngest, who is 17, started his Junior Year in High School on the 8th of August and the other two started their schools today LSU and South Lafourche Technical College respectively.  Hopefully, things will settle down.  

I am in the middle of an MS flare right now and currently waiting for the doctors office to call me back.  Really sucks when your balance is off and everything you say sounds like a 4 year old taught you how to talk.  Although, my friends 3 year old is so funny, she tries to correct my speech! Gotta love a little mama.

I have been crocheting a few items.  Orders are starting to pick up again.  I think people are getting ready for the cooler weather that will be here before long, well in the North.  Down here in the South we are lucky if we get a week or two of cold weather.  I love the cold weather.

I will try to post more often but please forgive me if I dont.  Im off to crochet a newsboy for a customer and make a beard for a hat. 

Love & Best Stitches

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